Who We Are

Attorneys Nagendra (Nick) Setty and Alex V. Chachkes

Nick and Alex founded Setty Chachkes PLLC based on a philosophy of diversified excellence.

Practicing law at its highest level. Nick and Alex are nationally recognized first-chair trial lawyers who have represented many of the largest tech companies in America. They have an intimate knowledge of the law, the courts, and the tech industry, which they gained over the course of 50+ collective years of practice. Clients know that Nick and Alex will deploy this knowledge with superior judgment, unmatched communication and writing skills, and creativity.

Understanding a client’s business and technology. Nick and Alex both have technology degrees and can talk the language of your business, down to the electron, source code, nucleotide or molecular level. They’ve brought their clients wins in matters involving technologies including telecommunications, software, microprocessors, wireless devices, computer peripherals, video games, pharmaceuticals, recombinant DNA technology, chemicals and protein science.

Bringing diverse skillsets together. At trial, Nick and Alex know what it takes to win. They can unpack difficult technologies in ways that lay audiences can digest. They are engaging, telling stories about real people that capture and direct a jury’s attention. Their legal briefs are tailored to the judge receiving them, which could mean simple and straightforward presentations to an overworked court or elegant, persuasive briefing on involved legal theories to a court considering case-dispositive issues on complex matters. Their patent opinions and Patent Trial and Appeal Board filings demonstrate a deep technical understanding of the subject matter and the technology’s place in the art, while remaining clear and understandable. When they provide corporate IP counseling, their goal is to provide practical and clear roadmaps to realize the client’s business goals. 

Excellent service. Finally, Nick and Alex know in–house counsel can be overwhelmed. It is their job to make your job better and easier. They provide work product in a timely and efficient manner that allows in–house counsel to advise their own clients–whether a business team or the C–suite–with confidence: no messy half-answers or unnecessary ambiguity.